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recognition-server_icon.jpg ABBYY Recognition Server is a robust and powerful server-based OCR solution that offers automatic OCR and document conversion for enterprise environments. With version 3.5 the product is enhanced in different areas so that enterprises can improve their daily document conversion processes even more!

Recognition Server 3.5 is the latest ABBYY Document Capture platform allowing to convert hundreds of thousands paper documents into searchable and editable formats (for example to save printed documents as searchable PDFs with meta data in digital archives).

Customer experience: RWS, one of the world's leading patent translation and search companies, archives over 30 million documents digitally with the help of ABBYY Recognition Server. Have a look>>

New features are:

  • New recognition language:
    Arabic language recognition support
  • New Scanning Station
    New scanning station with scripting support
  • E-Mail Output
    Body and Header definition in e-mail output
  • Enhanced PDF Compression
    Improved MRC PDF compression

See: What is new in version 3.5 compared to version 3.0

Compared to version 2.0 the current version contains:

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