Recognition Server Case Studies

ABBYY Recognition Server helped to increase productivity and save cost in many different areas of business. Please se the individual success stories sorted by area of business:

  • Legal, Consultancy, Management

Legal giant Norton Rose LLP centralises document digitising with ABBYY Recognition Server. EN - DE

One of the largest patent and translation agencies, RWS in the UK, manages 40 million paper documents into digital format
EN-DE - Video

  • Scanning Services

Quality is trump – FrankenRaster digitises with ABBYY Recognition Server. German scanning service bureau deploys ABBYY Recognition Server to digitise high volume documents for their clients. EN - DE

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical enterprise Boehringer Ingelheim with 137 offices uses ABBYY Recognition Server to electronically access more than 30 million pages of archived documents. EN - DE

  • Education and Libraries

University of Southampton improves access to its collection by digitising vast quantities of printed material and offers over one million digitized pages for open access. EN-FR

Estonian National Library runs ABBYY Recognition Server for gothic text OCR. Thousands of unique assets are made available to public by digitizing old newspapers and magazines and saving them as searchable PDF files. EN

Project Gutenberg offers historical books, poems and theather plays via internet to the broad public. With the help of Recognition Server and its ability to extract gothic letter more than 5,500 historical texts were published. DE - only

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