Document Separation with Recognition Server

Document separation allows you to separate batches of images scanned by a high-speed scanner into documents. Each document will be saved to a separate output file. Starting from Version 2 of Recognition Server, this can be achieved through following options:

  • Create one document for each job
  • Create one document for each file in job
  • Create a new document after every N page(s)
    Use this option only if all the documents in the batch have the same number of pages.
  • Use blank pages to separate documents
    A new file will be started with each blank page detected in the document flow. The blank pages can then be deleted. Select the corresponding option below if required. If this option is selected the output file will contain no blank pages. All blank pages will be deleted, even if another method for document separation is chosen.
  • Use barcodes to separate documents
    A new file will be created at each page with a barcode of the specified type. The barcode pages can then be deleted (select the corresponding option if required).


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