Latest Version

Recognition Server 4 - Release 6:

Key enhancements

  • Export to ALTO XML v.3.1
  • Ability to delete pages at Verification Station
  • Regular expression for separation barcode value

Recognition Server 4 - Release 6 - self extracting archive (.exe)

  • Part#: 1135/24 - Build:
  • Size: 673 MB, self extracting .exe
  • Release Date: 12.12.2017
  • Release Notes: RS4 R6 Release Notes

Previous Versions

Recognition Server 4 - Release 5 (w. Japanese help files) Patch 1:

Key enhancements

  • Correction of Japanese Administrator’s Guide link in the Start menu

Recognition Server 4 - Release 5 - with Japanese help files - Patch 1 - self extracting archive (.exe)

Recognition Server 4 - Release 5 with Japanese help files:

Key enhancements

  • Localization of Verification Station Help and Indexing Station Help files into Japanese
  • Conversion of Office file formats via Web API

Recognition Server 4 - Release 5 - with Japanese help files - self extracting archive (.exe)

Trial Licences

  • Trial Licences are available on request - please fill in this form to receive a test version free of charge:

Documentation & Brochures

  • Product Brochures - Version 4

EN - DE - FR - ES - ITA

  • Recognition Server - details for System Administrators

Ca. 7 pages EN - DE

Note: The document mentions Version 2.0, but it is valid for any version of Recognition Server. More technical details can be found in the System Admin Guide or in user forum for ABBYY Capture Products.

Online Reading: read online - online lesen

Technical Documentation

  • Recognition Server 4.0 - System Admin Guide - ca. 55 pages

EN - FR- DE - IT - RU - ES

Demo Workflows and Projects

This 2 archives contain the workflow settings as well as a short description.


Each major version (v3.x or 4.0) of Recognition Server requires a version specific license.

Previous Versions

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