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Recognition Server 3.0 Archive

Note: If you have used any pre release of Recognition Server 3.0 with Verification Station you may encounter error .\Packet\ExportInfo.cpp, 238 on the Verification Station. In this case extract and run the VScleanup.reg file that will clean old values causing the error from the registry: * Download

OCRFeedGenerator3 for GSA - Patch - March 2010

  • OCRFeedGenerator3 for GSA - Patch
    New Version from 26.3.2010
    The patch fixes some issues with the feed path to the source documents.
    To install the patch, please do the following:
    • Install the latest Recognition Server 3.0 distributive
    • Stop the ABBYY Recognition Server 3.0 Feed Generator service
    • In folder C:\Program Files\ABBYY Recognition Server 3.0\Bin replace file OCRFeedGenerator3.exe with the one above
    • Restart the service
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