How can I achieve higher throughput?

There are several ways to increase the processing speed and throughput of ABBYY Recognition Server:

  • If the license allows,
    • increase the number of Processing Stations
    • increase the number of CPU cores used for processing
    • Recognition Server’s throughput is almost in direct proportion to the number of CPUs in the system.
  • When you are scanning documents, use scanning parameters that are optimal for OCR:
    • Scan Mode: grey or black and white. Scanning in greyscale mode provides best recognition quality. Black and white scanning maximizes scanning speed but may result in the loss of some character information. This may lower recognition quality in documents of medium and low print quality.
    • Resolution: 300 dpi for regular texts (font size 10 pts or greater) and 400–600 dpi for texts set in smaller font sizes (9 pts or less).
    • Brightness: a medium brightness value of around 50% should suffice in most cases. During grayscale scanning, brightness is adjusted automatically


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