Why do I have to wait so long - What to do now?

I have been already waiting for a long time to get my files out.

What can I do to

  1. get their status,
  2. speed up the processing,
  3. cancel the job?

to 1) The status of jobs in the processing queue can be viewed in the Jobs node of the Remote Administration Console.

to 2) Recognition Server processes queued jobs in accordance with their priorities. Jobs of the same priority are processed according to their creation time. You can increase the priority of jobs having Waiting status (i.e. which the program has not yet started to process). To increase a job’s priority, double-click on the job in the Jobs node and change the job priority in the Job Properties dialog box.

to 3) To cancel a job, select the job in the Jobs node and press Delete button, or select Delete item from the job context menu. To empty a jobs queue, select Delete All item on the context menu of the Jobs node.


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