Is it better to use on multi-core machine as a Processing Station, or to use several Processing Stations?

Recognition Server uses the same algorithm of job distribution among CPU cores, whether these CPU cores are located on one Processing Station or on different Stations. Therefore, it does not matter for Recognition Sever whether a multi-core station or several single-core stations are used. But when deciding between a multi-core PC and single- or dual-core PCs, consider the following:

  • A quad- or eight-core server is usually more expensive than the equal number of single- or dual-core PCs;
  • A multi-core CPU usually provides a slightly lower productivity increase than the equal number of single-cores. For example, productivity of a quad-core is usually less than 4x(productivity of each core).
  • Should a multi-core computer experience a hardware failure, it becomes completely inoperable and its processing power becomes unavailable until the computer is repaired. Several computers with fewer cores each are much less likely to fail all at the same time.

Therefore, using several single- or dual-core Processing Stations is usually more efficient than using one multi-core station.


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