How does Recognition Server deal with multi-page images or PDFs?

ABBYY Recognition Server can process multi-page images and PDF files.

  • Usually, the entire multi-page file is sent to one OCR process running on a Processing Station and processed as a single unit. However, if a file is fairly large and there are no more than 5 jobs waiting in the queue, the file will be split into chunks, and the chunks will be sent to different OCR processes in order to get the work done faster.
  • By default, the size of a chunk is 25 pages. Therefore, for example, a 100-page file will be split in 4 chunks and sent to four processes.

Each Processing Station usually runs several OCR processes (the number can be adjusted in the station’s properties). The OCR processes to which the file chunks are sent are chosen on the “first available” principle, so they may be running on one or on different Processing Stations.


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