Why does the file disappear from the Input folder but does not appear in the Output folder?

Open the Jobs node of the Remote Administration Console and check the status of the job:

  • “Waiting” status means that the file is not yet being processed. This can happen if there are other files in the queue that are being processed by Recognition Server ahead of your file (either they where imported by Recognition Server earlier than your file, or they have a higher priority).

If there are no jobs ahead, and the first job in the queue has Waiting status, that means the Processing Station cannot pick up the file. Check the status of the Processing Station. If it is not running, check for an error message in the Server log.

  • “Processing” status means that the file is currently being processed. Processing can take a long time if the file contains multiple pages, was poorly scanned, or if a wrong OCR language is being used to process it. To avoid this, you can set a time-out for job cancellation on the Quality Control tab of the Workflow Properties dialog box. If this option is selected, Recognition Server will automatically reject files that have been processed for too long.
  • “Queued for Verification” status means that the job is waiting to be verified on a Verification Station. It will not be published to the Output folder until it is verified. In this case, run a Verification Station and verify the necessary pages form the job.
  • “Processed_Paused” status means that it cannot be published to the output destination. If this is the case, open the Server log and check for an error message explaining why the job cannot be published.


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