When I’m upgrading to a new release/version, how do I keep my Recognition Server configuration?

If you are installing a new minor release of Recognition Server in the same folder in which the previous release was installed (by default, the installation folder is

%programfiles%/ABBYY Recognition Server X.X), 

the configuration of the previous release will be imported automatically.

If you are installing a major new version (e.g. if you are upgrading Recognition Server 1.0 to Recognition Server 2.0), you can import the configuration from the previous version.

To import the configuration:

1.In the Recognition Server Properties dialog box, click the Import Settings button.

2.In the Open dialog box, specify the path to the Configuration.xml file, which is located in the ABBYY Recognition Server installation folder.

The Configuration.xml is not removed when you uninstall ABBYY Recognition Server. Therefore, you can import the configuration of the previous version into the new version of ABBYY Recognition Server even after you have uninstalled the previous version.


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