Does the Server Manager itself require significant processing power?

Minimum hardware requirements for the Server Manager

  • CPU with clock speed of 500 MHz or higher
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 115 MB HDD space for installation and operation

The above requirements are sufficient for a standalone installation of Recognition Server, e.g. for program evaluation or for processing medium volumes of images. However, if Recognition Server is scaled up for processing large piles of images and working with many Processing Stations, more system resources will be required. Follow the guidelines below:

  • CPU of the Server Manager PC should be powerful enough to do job distribution amongst many stations. An average server CPU like Intel Xeon 3 GHz should be sufficient.
  • The speed of disk I/O operations on the Server Manager PC should allow moving lots of files between folders quickly. When performing backlog conversion of large volumes of images, consider creating a RAID array.
  • Free disk space on the Server Manager PC should be at least equal to the total size of all images put in the Input folder, because all the images will be copied from the Input folder to the Server Manager temporary folder.


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