What value can ABBYY Recognition Server add to Microsoft SharePoint?

Many corporate customers would like to use SharePoint as their Document Management System.

Typical questions of those customers are:

  • Is it possible to import newly arriving documents into SharePoint as searchable PDFs?
  • Is it possible to detect scanned documents that are ALREADY stored in SharePoint by SharePoint Search using keyword search?
  • Is it possible to convert scanned documents, which are ALREADY in SharePoint into searchable PDFs without exporting them out of SharePoint?
  • Is it possible to only convert scanned PDFs into searchable ones but skip the digitally born PDF documents (=PDF documents that already are searchable)?

Answer: With a set of new features ABBYY Recognition Server can provide a significant value to users of Microsoft SharePoint. Deploying ABBYY Recognition Server will enable customers to answer ‘YES’ to all above questions.

How can ABBYY Recognition Server be used:

ABBYY Recognition Server significantly improves the way of managing or using documents stored in Microsoft SharePoint:


  • Newly scanned documents can be imported to SharePoint Libraries as searchable PDFs. Using the Indexing Station individual meta-data can be added and exported to SharePoint libraries.


  • For images stored in SharePoint full-text information can be delivered to the SharePoint’s Search Engine with the help of ABBYY Recognition Server’s IFilter. This will enable the SharePoint’s Search Engine to detect the scanned images when a user is searching for key-words even if the original image format can't be searched. This is important in case those images should not be altered in any way (for example changed to searchable PDF) but still need to be discovered by full-text information.

Note: Based on the changes in SharePoint 2013 scanned PDF documents will NOT be handed over to ABBYY IFilter and therefore IFilter will NOT provide the full-text information for scanned PDFs. To overcome this challange we recommend to use Recognition Server and convert those scanned PDFs into searchable PDFs. It is for example possible to set an option to only convert scanned PDFs and skip all other image formats.)

  • Existing images, which are already stored in SharePoint, can be turned into searchable PDFs. Documents stored as image formats such as for example .tiff, .jpg…etc. can be kept in place and the searchable PDFs can be stored in the same library. When converting scanned PDFs the new searchable PDF document can be stored under the same document's name with an increased version number (as SharePoint supports versioning of documents).

What is more:

  • The ABBYY Recognition Server can check if PDF is a scanned PDF or a PDF with a bad text layer quality and only convert those into a searchable PDF. PDFs that were created on a PC and already have a text layer will be skipped.
  • The SharePoint libraries can be checked by Recognition Server on regular base and newly added images can be automatically turned into searchable PDF and keep the SharePoint libraries searchable.

Summary: ABBYY Recognition Server is the ultimate solution for helping to manage documents in Microsoft SharePoint.

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