Feature Overview

Stations with User Interface

  • Scanning Station

The new Scanning Station makes it very simple to connect existing Scanners to the Recognition Server installation. The Station also allows to order and rearrange documents before they are send for recognition and conversion. With version 3.5 usage of scripting is as well possible. Learn more: Scanning Station>>

  • Verification Station

The Verification Station allows to verify documents within Recogition Server. It allows to correct recognition errors and improve the recognition results of the documents. Learn more: Verification Station>>

  • Indexing Station

The Indexing Station allows to classify and add meta data to processed documents so that they can be stored on Enterprise Document Management Systems. Learn more: Indexing Station>>

Scripting Support

The scripting capabilities allow to interact and change the internal document processing of Recognition Server. What you can do with scripting:

  • Manage Document separation
  • Automate indexing
  • Control Exception handling
  • Control Export (Document naming, document routing based on indexing content)
  • Scripting support for Scanning station

Learn more:Scripting

Enterprise Search System Support

Enterprise Search systems help enterprises to find ad locate important information within their corporate networks. This approach works perfectly for digital born files and office documents. Scanned documents as images or image PDFs can not be index and found directly from search engines. Recognition Server solves this problem, since it can OCR the images and submit the content to the following search systems:

Technology Enhancements

The final version of ABBYY Recognition Server 4.0 is using the lasted ABBYY OCR technology. This includes faster recognition of Arabic.

See more details: New features in version 4.0


  • Standalone Installation
  • Distribution on multiple machines


  • Remote Admin Console
  • Workflows
  • Input Settings
  • Output Options

Integration & API

  • XML Ticket
  • WebService API


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