Indexing Station

ABBYY Recognition Server 3.5 contains a network station:

  • Indexing Station

Often information that must be saved within the document attributes is contained in the body of the document. In this case rather than typing the text in, the operator can just outline the necessary areas on the page

How Indexing works

  • The new station can be distributed in the network.
  • Documents, after they were assembled and OCRed are sent to this Station
  • Users can now select between different document types.
  • Each document type can have multiple fields. The info can be
    • typed in manually
    • filled in by clicking on words or rubber banding a text block. The text will be populated into the attributes fields automatically.

Watch the movie

How Set-up looks like

What Users see when they index a document

How the index-data is exported

  • Per default the data is put inthe XML Result Ticket
  • You can use the scripting capabilities of Recognition Server 3.5 to set up a simplified data export.
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