Recognition Server - Scripting

ABBYY Recognition Server 3.5 provides an easy way of managing documents on different processing stages with the help of scripts. Scripts can be used to

  • Define custom document separation rules
  • Automate document type detection
  • Automate indexing,
  • Manage routing of output documents after export
  • Set up own document naming rules
  • Handle failed jobs.

What you can do with Scripting

  • Flexible document separation scenarios
    • Separation based on the text of the document
    • Separation based on several barcodes on the page
    • Parsing the value of the separator barcode.
  • Connectors to other systems: external storages, DMS, archiving systems, etc.
  • Automatic handling of failed jobs (images that failed to be OCRed, for example send Office documents to another tool that converts them into PDF.

Scripting Languages

Two scripting languages are supported

  • JScript®
  • VBScript.

What is new about scripting in Version 3.5

With version 3.5 scripting can be as well used for Scanning Station.

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