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ABBYY Recognition Server Portal


ABBYY Recognition Server is powerful server-based OCR software that offers automatic OCR and PDF conversion functionalities. Enterprise customers and scanning service providers can deploy Recognition Server to convert large amounts of documents or document images into electronic files (for example PDFs or PDF/A documents) that can be digitally archived or detected by search systems via key words in the text. The recognition and PDF conversion process can run in the IT background fully automatically - with no user involvement.

The latest ABBYY Document Capture platform is highly scalable and allows converting hundreds of thousands paper documents into searchable and editable formats within shortest time.

Customer experience: RWS, one of the world's leading patent translation and search companies, archives over 30 million documents digitally with the help of ABBYY Recognition Server. Read more >>

New features in version 4.0 are:

  • New Scenarios for Creating Searchable Libraries
    Via Hot Folder and Document Library Workflow Type
  • Enhanced integration with Microsoft SharePoint
    Images in SharePoint library can be directly converted to searchable PDFs (or other formats)
  • Enhanced Set of PDF Features
    Smart PDF conversion and set of new PDF/A saving formats
  • Improved Architecture and Easier Administration
    New SQLite database, improved fault tolerance and easier user admistration
  • OCR Technology Improvements
    Faster Arabic recognition and recognition of technical drawings with text printed sideways

See: What is new in version 4.0 compared to version 3.5

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